PhD Student

Gaia Olcese

Gaia is a PhD Student at the University of Bristol, investigating the use of hydrologic models as an alternative input to data in global stochastic flood models. Her PhD is jointly funded by Fathom and the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, and the topic was chosen to be both of interest to Gaia and of benefit to her sponsors; her investigations promise to improve Fathom’s models further by looking at how to generate flood events. 

Gaia was one of Fathom’s first employees, joining in 2018 while undertaking her Master’s degree in Environmental Engineering at the University of Pavia in Italy. She became interested in Fathom after learning about the company from her supervisor, and successfully applied to a five-month internship here. Following the completion of her Master’s degree, Gaia moved to the UK and joined the Fathom team as a full-time Developer, before returning to her studies in 2020. 

Thanks to Fathom’s flexibility, Gaia often finds herself traveling back to Italy to visit her family and friends, though she’s also a fan of spending time in the office with the team – now almost ten times the size it was when she first joined. 

Outside of work, Gaia is a keen adventurer on her motorbike, and enjoys long-distance road trips. At home, she loves reading, cooking and taking care of her two beloved cats.

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Key topics

  • Coding
  • Stochastic Modeling


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