Senior Software Engineer

Olumide Ogundele

Olumide is an experienced Senior Software Engineer, with extensive experience in both front-end and back-end software development. At Fathom, he’s an integral part of the API team that built – and continues to develop – the software infrastructure and business elements that help clients access the data they need. This is varied work, and includes many technical discussions and coding reviews. 

In his role, Olumide particularly enjoys the focus on innovation and being able to see the impact of his contribution to Fathom’s products. He’s a big fan of the site reliability engineering (SRE) approach and creating reliable behind-the-scenes systems to improve efficiencies for everyone. 

Software development isn’t just his job, it’s also his passion, and Olumide has volunteered as an open-source developer for technologies such as Mattermost, Pomerium and Pion in the past.  

Prior to joining Fathom, Olumide worked as a Backend Software Engineer at Pvotal Technologies, where he used microservices and event-driven architecture with cloud-based DevOps to create business solutions. 

Outside of work and his volunteering, Olumide enjoys watching anime and playing games.

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Key topics

  • Software development
  • Software infrastructure
  • Cloud
  • SRE


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