Engineering Flood Resilience

Understand flood hazard and risk with Fathom’s comprehensive,
scientifically proven flood data.

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Fathom’s flood maps and models enable engineers, infrastructure and asset management specialists to rapidly assess their exposure to flooding and develop adaptation and resilience strategies to combat the impact of climate change.

With an academic pedigree spanning over three decades, Fathom’s products are a culmination of the most robust scientific flood research and development available.

Customers can easily access our data in a GIS-ready format and incorporate it into their projects to make informed decisions swiftly. Our data sets are ideal for engineering teams working from local to global scales who need to determine flood risk for mitigation and resilience projects for current and future climate scenarios.

Existing users of our data have told us that our products have helped them in:


Global portfolio screening

Rapid high level review of a large number of global assets.


Site level analytics for assets identified at risk


Detailed site analysis

For prospecting, selection and due diligence.


Asset management

Flood defence resilience and adaptation.


Large area master planning and scheme development


Flood loss calculation


Quantifying increases in flood exposure due to climate change


Developing climate resilience and mitigation strategies and local actions

Our technology

Fathom offers a variety of data and models designed to enable engineers to confidently assess flood exposure and make informed decisions.

Fathom's Global Flood Map

Global Flood Map

Global flood mapping from the cutting edge of scientific research.

Global Terrain Data - FABDEM+

Global Terrain Data – FABDEM+

The new standard for a globally consistent and accurate digital elevation model.

Risk Scores

Discover Fathom Risk Scores, powerful flood risk metrics for any global location, under any climate scenario.

Catastrophe Modeling

Thousands of years of synthetic flood events at your fingertips.

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Texas Water Development Board logo
Reem Zoun Texas Water Development Board Director of Flood Planning

Quote I’d like to thank the effort of regional flood planning groups, its members, technical consultants, the public and other agencies who have been putting in a lot of time to put together regional flood plans, essentially going to come together as the first State Flood Plan for Texas.

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Dr Matthew Free Arup Director of Natural Hazard and Risk Management

Quote Fathom’s most recent release – Fathom-Global 3.0 – provides flood maps for anywhere in the world, and at improved levels of detail, providing information to help decision makers better manage their future flood risk by considering climate change and the associated uncertainty.

Judges comments New Civil Engineer Awards 2023 Technology Solutions Provider of the Year

Quote Highly knowledgeable presenters with genuine enthusiasm for the work they are doing. A product that can provide global impact in relation to an issue that is extremely high cost, and in a way that can be done efficiently and at scale.

CARTO logo
Vanessa Lopez CARTO Data Partnerships Manager

Quote “Fathom’s data are super granular, which is something that our customers value a lot. You need that granularity to really understand how a flood will impact an asset.”

Elliot Christou CReDo CReDo Technical Lead

Quote Fathom’s methods of peer review give it a different kind of credibility. We knew that they were the experts and the right people to work with. The team was really enthusiastic about supporting our innovation goals and very generous with their time explaining how to use and interpret the data.

Model features


Terrain data

Global Terrain Data - FABDEM+

Fathom’s flood maps are underpinned by the best globally available terrain dataset for flood modelling – FABDEM+. The true global bare-earth terrain data combines FABDEM with high-quality laser altimeter (LiDAR) data gathered as recently as 2023.

Explore Fathom’s Global Terrain Data.

Fathom’s team has been at the forefront of building market leading Global Terrain Data since 2017, when we first published the methodology for MERIT DEM.




With sub-perils explicitly modelled to build a comprehensive understanding of the impact of different flood sub perils on different assets.


Climate data

Climate change illustration flood model

In a rapidly evolving climate landscape, relying solely on historical records can lead to substantial mis-estimates of hazard. Fathom’s products incorporate data from relevant climate models, meaning that Fathom’s technology accounts for the growing impact of a non-stationary climate.

Learn more about Fathom’s Climate Dynamics framework


Return periods

Return periods - Flood hazard data Fathom

All of Fathom’s products simulate flood events for 10 return periods ranging from the 1-in-5 to the 1-in-1000 year flood. This enables users to understand the implications of a wider range of flood events and allows for a better understanding of event frequencies.


Flood depths

Fathom flood depths

Flood depths and extents are critical to understanding the impact and severity of flooding for all three flood sub perils.


Risk Scores

Flood map showing Fathom's Risk Scores

Fathom’s flood data are now also available as Risk Scores. Offering a simple yet powerful way to compare the flood risk for assets across your portfolio. Available in two forms, Relative Risk and Risk Category, the metrics are designed to deliver a consistent method of understanding how flood risk varies from one location to another.

Discover Fathom Risk Scores

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