Corporate Flood Risk Assessment

Identify and manage your properties’ flood exposure
across any region globally

The comprehensive nature of our data allows large-scale risk assessments to be undertaken by organisations with global scale infrastructure. In today’s global economy, it is not uncommon for supply chains to span multiple continents, including developing regions.

Fathom’s data allows our clients to mitigate against the potential impacts of flooding, by providing them with the confidence to identify, plan and manage their flood exposures on a global scale. Our strategic flood risk data are used across a wide range of business operations from mergers and acquisitions to infrastructure investment and planning.

Our technology

Fathom offers a variety of different models designed to support businesses to confidently assess flood exposure and inform business processes.

Global Flood Map

Global flood mapping from the cutting edge of scientific research.

Catastrophe Modelling

Thousands of years of synthetic flood events at your fingertips.

Event Response

Working in collaboration to produce real-time reports that aid disaster response to extreme flood events globally.

Features of Fathom’s models


Terrain data

Fathom’s models are underpinned by the best globally available terrain datasets for flood modelling. Our global base data are currently being upgraded from MERIT-DEM to a new dataset based called the Forest and Buildings Removed Copernicus DEM (FABDEM).

Our team collaborated in the creation of both ground-breaking datasets. Over certain parts of the globe even higher quality national terrain datasets are available, usually underpinned by laser altimeter data (LiDAR) or photogrammetry derived datasets. Wherever possible these national data are used, including across all of our country specific models.


Damage functions

Differentiate damages between buildings of different characteristics to ensure that you understand the specific risk posed to every link in your production chain.


Exposure data

Fathom’s flood hazard data utilise precise building, population and urban data sets enable our models to understand where flood hazards coincide with human activity and urban development.


Climate data

Climate change illustration flood model

Factor future flood risk into your insurance decisions with models that utilise the latest climate data, rather than relying solely on historical records. Our models for the UK and Japan are built using the latest regional climate data: UKCP18 and D4PDF, under a variety of emissions scenarios so that our models can be tailored to your risk appetite.

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Ted Baksa Microsoft Senior Software Engineer

Quote Fathom’s flood hazard and risk data products are critical to assessing risks to Microsoft’s cloud infrastructure. In this way, their data impacts the delivery of services relied on by the 400 million global users of Office 365, and OneDrive, and the 48 million members of Xbox.

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