Event Response

Working in collaboration to produce real-time reports
that aid disaster response to extreme
flood events globally

As part of Fathom’s efforts to inform international development and event response, our technical team produce emergency event forecasts and post event reports for major floods

To do this, we estimate the potential severity of the upcoming event from forecasts such as those from the Global Flood Awareness System (GloFAS) and extract the relevant datasets from our existing global flood hazard layers. From this we are able to identify high risk areas and provide detailed event analysis around an events likelihood and potential impact.

Emergency event forecasts

Working with a number of research partners, we have been providing high level emergency event impact forecasts to the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO). These reports have been used to predict a hazard prior to its arrival. These reports were used by researchers, practitioners and first responders to support rapid decision making and the allocation of relief resources to areas most at risk.

Post event reports

In the aftermath of an extreme and devastating event, Fathom’s team of in-house flood and climate specialists produce post event reports to aid disaster risk reduction efforts for the future. The reports provide an overview of the event alongside detailed commentary around flood prediction tools, as well as the event’s impacts and severity.

Catalogue of response reports


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