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Tropical Cyclone Freddy access report request

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Tropical Cyclone Freddy access report request

Over the last month, Fathom and a group of global partners in event forecasting, climate science, NGOs and first response have had their eyes on what we now know as Tropical Cyclone Freddy.

The storm traveled more than 5,000 miles since it developed between Western Australia and Indonesia in early February, before first making landfall in Madagascar on 21 February. Freddy then spent over two weeks in the area around the Mozambique Channel. The event has severely impacted Madagascar, Mozambique and Zimbabwe, rapidly intensifying at least 6 times.

Sources from NASA, have now confirmed that Freddy has set the record for having the highest accumulated cyclone energy (ACE) of any southern hemisphere storm in history.

Following the event, we will be sharing the impact report. If you would like to receive a copy, you can register your interest here. 


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