Fathom case studies

Fathom’s flood data, maps and models are leveraged by some of the biggest market leaders across our target industries; here is a selection of our work.

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Quote Aon and Impact Forecasting can now more holistically approach clients’ flood risk management and quantification needs thanks to our collaboration with Fathom.

Quote Aqua Strategies is proud to work with Fathom on this truly innovative method for greatly improving how we develop flood risk maps in Texas. Successful delivery on this project demonstrates possibilities for the remaining 49 states, and beyond.

Quote Fathom’s most recent release – Fathom-Global 3.0 – provides flood maps for anywhere in the world, and at improved levels of detail, providing information to help decision makers better manage their future flood risk by considering climate change and the associated uncertainty.

Quote Fathom is an innovative and dynamic organisation at the forefront of flood risk research. They offer a range of specialist modelling tools and use a clear and impressive methodology.

Quote Fathom’s flood hazard and risk data products are critical to assessing risks to Microsoft’s cloud infrastructure. In this way, their data impacts the delivery of services relied on by the 400 million global users of Office 365, Outlook.com and OneDrive, and the 48 million members of Xbox.


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The Nature Conservancy

The Nature Conservancy worked with Fathom to understand flood risk and identify large scale exposure to flooding across different demographics and the impact of future climate scenarios.

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Texas Water Development Board

Texas Water Development Board uses Fathom data, and others, to accelerate the development of the first state-wide flood planning program in the absence of publicly available flood data.

Quote I’d like to thank the effort of regional flood planning groups, its members, technical consultants, the public and other agencies who have been putting in a lot of time to put together regional flood plans, essentially going to come together as the first State Flood Plan for Texas.

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Bank of England

Fathom supported the Bank of England in their analysis of submissions for CBES 2021 using the Fathom-UK CAT model.

Quote We would like to express our gratitude to both the physical risk open data providers as well as to the plethora of technical experts for all of their contributions to this exercise over the past two years.

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Global (re)insurer, Canopius, used Fathom-US flood hazard data to quantify their exposure to flooding to inform pricing and facilitate exposure management.

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Car in flood water

FEMA’s Risk Rating 2.0

Fathom provided FEMA with a more accurate, up-to-date picture of US flood risk which informed how the NFIP prices insurance, using Fathom-US flood map.

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Global map


Fathom combined Fathom-Global hazard layers with satellite based observations to create a global picture of flood hazard and exposure for The Global Facility for Disaster Reduction & Recovery.

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Sompo International

Fathom provided Sompo International with detailed flood hazard information in order to support risk selection and portfolio management decisions for their international property, marine and energy portfolios.

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