Supporting Lloyd’s of London insurance syndicate, Canopius, to quantify their exposure to flood risk in the US

Canopius is a global specialist (re)insurer with a diverse portfolio of assets. With particular emphasis on the United States, Canopius needed to quantify their exposure to flooding in order to inform pricing and facilitate exposure management

In the United States, the FEMA flood maps provide some information, but the data is incomplete and often only includes larger rivers. A more comprehensive overview of risk, outside of state-funded hazard layers, can provide an advantage over competitors.

More specifically, Canopius needed to know:


How do we gain a more comprehensive view of flood risk in the United States?  


Are we over-exposed in a particular region?  


Can we gain a competitive advantage?

Our solution Fathom have built Fathom-US, a spatially continuous flood model of the US covering both riverine and flash-flood perils

The data have also been published and validated in world-leading journals, providing transparency and trust. Fathom also works closely with their clients to ensure their data are integrated and used correctly, as well as building bespoke tools when required.

The results Canopius now has access to a world-leading flood hazard dataset and tools

This allows them to underwrite new assets and manage their current portfolio with confidence, and, importantly, gain an advantage over competitors.

Quote Fathom is an innovative and dynamic organisation at the forefront of flood risk research. They offer a range of specialist modelling tools and use a clear and impressive methodology.

Fathom’s new US Flood Map

The most complete and technologically advanced flood map for the United States. 

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Quote We would like to express our gratitude to both the physical risk open data providers as well as to the plethora of technical experts for all of their contributions to this exercise over the past two years.

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FEMA’s Risk Rating 2.0

Fathom provided FEMA with a more accurate, up-to-date picture of US flood risk which informed how the NFIP prices insurance, using Fathom-US flood map.