Introduction Fathom-UK CAT has been built in tandem with Fathom’s flood hazard data for the UK. The probabilistic model uniquely characterises the relationship between flood depth and damage in a variety of contexts. This includes the differentiation of damage in residential and non-residential buildings.

Key features of Fathom-UK CAT model


10,000 years of flooding – Fathom-UK CAT represents a set of over 170,000 synthetic flood events spanning 10 millennia.


100% river channels – Representation of all river channels in the UK, regardless of size.


Fluvial, pluvial & coastal – Our UK catastrophe model has the ability to capture the unique impacts of varying perils, including storm surge and flash floods.


Alternative Living Expenses (ALE) – The indirect costs of evacuation, accommodation, and other expenses are explicitly modelled.


>10,000 Unique Damage Functions – Based on relevant combinations of building, peril and coverage characteristics.


Climate change – 3 time horizons for present day, 2030 and 2050.

Fathom launches climate-conditioned CAT model for the UK.

Fathom-UK CAT enables:

  • Complete representation of UK flood defences.
  • Loss calculations derived for both high-frequency and low-frequency events.
  • A consistent view of risk across the whole UK.
  • Realistic loss simulation.
  • Long and short duration flood damage differentiation.
  • Accurate determination of damages based on a property’s characteristics.
  • Generalisation of property characteristics in the absence of precise data.

Fathom-UK CAT can be accessed on:


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