Video 10.11.2023

Iowa Flood Centre validation project: Benchmarking Fathom’s US Flood Map


Dr Oliver Wing compares Fathom’s US Flood Model with detailed local models from the Iowa Flood Center

Lake Jackson - US model

Welcome to this educational session featuring a presentation from Fathom’s Chief Research Officer, Dr Oliver Wing to the Iowa Flood Center. Watch our recording of the session to dive into the intricacies of flood modeling as Dr. Oliver Wing compares the outputs of Fathom’s cutting-edge US Flood Map with the highly detailed local models produced by the Iowa Flood Center.

In this, Dr Wing looks at similarities and differences within the two model outputs, using Iowa Flood Center data as a crucial test case. All before delving into how it is that Fathom has developed a US Flood Map that has shown to be within error or a real world event. Included in his presentation, he explores map methodologies like channel solver, boundary conditions, land cover data, defenses and climate change.

This on-demand video provides a detailed walkthrough of the data validation process. It will enhance your understanding the collaborative efforts between Fathom and the Iowa Flood Center, offering a unique perspective on flood modeling and its practical applications.

Iowa Flood Center video

Research and validation of Fathom’s data

Fathom grew out of the University of Bristol where co-founders, Dr Andrew Smith and Dr Chris Sampson, were working as researchers in hydrology.

Today, Fathom has become a global leader in water risk intelligence. Academic research remains as important to our team now as when we started. In the face of the increasing challenges posed by climate change, this commitment ensures we are providing our customers and partners with market-leading flood models based on the ever-advancing frontiers of scientific research.

We pride ourselves on the academic rigor we apply to our work and products, and publish our work in peer-reviewed journals. To find out more about our research papers and validation of our models – read our research papers.  With our commitment to transparency and breaking open the black box of flood modeling, we have also detailed the methods, datasets and components that come together to make Fathom’s best in class flood and climate risk data – learn more in our animated Product Stack explainer.