Software Engineer

Michael Boulton

Michael is part of the software engineering team, responsible for helping make Fathom’s data easily accessible to clients. On a day-to-day basis, this involves examining how the current API is being used, what its pain points are, and how it could be improved without causing downtime. 

Michael first came to Bristol for his studies – he holds a Master of Engineering in Computer Engineering from the University of Bristol. After graduating, he worked at the University on high performance computing research, before moving into the world of cloud computing. From his past experience, Michael is particularly observant of security practices and site reliability engineering (SRE). He was drawn to Fathom for its agility and the opportunity to get into exciting projects at the ground level. 

The passion for programming extends into Michael’s personal life, thanks to an open source Github project he started 6 years ago and continues to run. When he’s away from his computer, Michael can be found playing board games, cooking or at the gym.

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Key topics

  • Cloud security
  • Developer tooling
  • Programming


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