Head of People Operations

Jess Szucs

Jess leads the people function at Fathom. She has brought structure to human resources through the creation of the company values and the formalization of their policies. Her role covers the entire employee experience, from recruitment and onboarding, to staff engagement and setting the performance review process. 

Before joining the Fathom team, Jess worked for Rovco & Vaarst where she was the 15th employee to join the company, which she helped grow to a team of over 60 people. During her time at Rovco & Vaarst, Jess designed the company values and implemented processes and solid foundations to support organizational development; a process she is now applying to her role at Fathom. 

Jess is motivated by the challenges that come with managing the growth of start-up companies, such as laying down the right procedures, finding the right people and shaping a great company culture. When not performing her myriad of duties, Jess can be found researching other organizations and their corporate values, to ensure Fathom remains an exciting, interesting and rewarding place to work.    

Outside of work, Jess is a passionate cook, loves to travel, and is a qualified scuba diver.

If you’d like to get in touch about media interviews or event speakership opportunities for Jess, please contact marketing@fathom.global or complete the contact form below.

Key topics

  • HR
  • People
  • Company values


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