Hydraulic Model Developer

Anthony Cooper

Anthony brings a wide range of experience from both large engineering consultancies and government agencies to his role as Hydraulic Model Developer.

Before joining Fathom, Anthony worked at Arup as a Water Engineer, where he focused on UK public sector clients, developing flood modelling and flood risk management schemes across England and Wales. 

As part of this, Anthony worked closely with the Environment Agency and Natural Resources Wales to provide detailed expertise on how they could use their mapping to manage flood risk across the United Kingdom. This involved a six month secondment at the EA’s offices where he ​was responsible for building, running and assessing the EA’s models and results for area teams; as well as helping them assess possible future flood risk schemes.

Anthony has also spent time as a Guest Lecturer at the University of Cambridge. Working alongside two colleagues, he ran a 3rd year short project on building and reporting of 1d Flood Modeller models.

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