Senior Climate Scientist

Dr Natalie Lord

As our Senior Climate Scientist, Natalie leads everything related to climate at Fathom. She grounds our models and datasets in the latest climate research so that they robustly account for future climate change. Natalie also makes sure everyone is up-to-date on all the need-to-know climate science, sharing and explaining research not only with our team members but also with our clients and other scientists around the world.

Natalie is highly experienced in analyzing climate data and applying it to industry and social challenges. Her PhD at the University of Bristol saw her work with European nuclear waste management companies and simulating future climate change over hundreds of thousands of years to understand how it may affect the disposal of high-level radioactive waste. She followed her PhD with a Research Associate role at the University of Bristol where she worked on projects modeling past and future climate change and climate extremes, and investigated tropical cyclone representation in climate models, all with an aim to improve our  understanding of future impacts on the environment and society.

Natalie enjoys working at Fathom because it gives her the perfect opportunity to combine scientific investigations with solving customer challenges, and in a field that makes a real difference to millions of people globally. She was drawn to Fathom by its transparent research-led approach to flood modeling and data production and is proud of its peer-reviewed academic journal publications.

Outside of work, Natalie stays active through hiking, boxing (non-contact!) and yoga. She also loves painting, cooking and traveling.

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Key topics

  • Climate change
  • Climate modeling
  • Tropical cyclones


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