Coastal Model Developer

Tom Collings

Tom is a Coastal Model Developer in Fathom’s Technical team. His particular focus is on coastal hazard; working on everything from defining boundary conditions for our global flood maps to building hydrodynamic models for tides, waves and surges. Currently, he’s also working on the combined wind and flood risk model that Fathom has partnered with Reask to create, which sees tropical cyclone hazard data applied to inundation and catastrophe models to create an unparalleled view on risk. 

Tom graduated from the University of Southampton with a master’s degree in Engineering in the Coastal Environment, during which he worked closely with Fathom’s Global Flood Consultant, Professor Ivan Haigh, on his thesis. It centered around compound flooding in estuaries and involved building a 2D hydrodynamic model of an estuary in the UK. 

Originally, Tom was drawn to Fathom by the opportunity to blend academic research with tangible real-world application. He still values this approach, while also enjoying the workplace environment, and being able to collaborate with Fathom’s other experts at the forefront of research in this field. 

On the weekends, Tom enjoys a range of outdoor spots including surfing, climbing and mountain biking.

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Key topics

  • Coastal modeling
  • Hydrodynamics


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