Global Coastal Flood Consultant

Prof Ivan Haigh

With over 20 years of experience working within the coastal oceanography sector, Ivan is passionate about all things relating to sea levels, flooding and climate change. 

He is a part-time member of the Fathom team, working as a Global Coastal Flood Consultant to primarily advise on the coastal components of Fathom’s flood modeling capacity, though he is also working on compound flooding from multiple sources. 

Alongside his role at Fathom, Ivan is a Professor at the University of Southampton. Here, he investigates variations in sea-level and flooding from time-scales of seconds (waves) to days (tides and storm surges) through to long-term century-scale rises in mean sea level, and the impact of each on the coast. 

Before joining Fathom, Ivan had encountered a number of team members at industry events and had always been impressed by their work, so was delighted when the opportunity arose to help expand Fathom’s global expertise on the topic of coastal modeling. He continues to enjoy attending events – now representing Fathom – and turning his technical work into a narrative that’s accessible for a wider audience. 

Not content with only thinking about water at work, Ivan occupies his weekends with wild swimming and paddleboarding, as well as traveling and spending time with his family.

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Key topics

  • Coastal flooding
  • Climate change



I am passionate about all things relating to sea level. My team and I investigate variations in sea level from time-scales of seconds (waves), to days (tides and storm surges), through to long-term century scale rises in mean sea level, and its impact on the coast.

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