Principal Catastrophe Model Developer

Dr Malcolm Haylock

As Principal Catastrophe Model Developer, Malcolm’s role involves taking Fathom’s global CAT modeling portfolio and ensuring it aligns with the wants and needs of Fathom’s clients across the insurance, finance and engineering industries. 

His expertise in delivering risk models that add value comes from his years of experience on the client side at the likes of PartnerRe and Aspen Re. Most recently, he led catastrophe risk model development at Global Parametrics and was responsible for delivering solutions to structure and price natural catastrophe parametric products around the globe. Malcolm originally hails from Australia, where he spent the first 15 years of his career as a researcher for two government research centers, focusing on historical and expected future changes in Australian climate, as well as seasonal forecasting of temperature and precipitation. 

In addition to his strong background in weather-related perils, Malcolm holds a PhD in statistical climatology from the University of East Anglia, which focused on expected changes in extreme rainfall under climate change.

He was drawn to Fathom by its research-driven approach, and is also a fan of the dynamic style of work that sees the company’s Product Stack expand as the industry evolves. 

Nowadays, Malcolm calls Switzerland home, and he can often be found climbing up or skiing down mountains, or playing the piano with one of his bands around Zurich. 

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Key topics

  • Climate science
  • Catastrophe modeling


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