Software Engineering Team Lead

Nick Sampson

Nick is responsible for providing technical direction for Fathom’s software engineering team, from managing workloads to getting stuck in with coding. Currently, Nick is primarily involved in working on global catastrophe modeling and the API project to help a greater range of people access Fathom’s data. 

Data and coding standards are something Nick champions, and he can often be found sharing best practice both within his team and among the other technical and research teams, too. 

Throughout his career, Nick has worked on full stack and web service development at a number of large organizations. Most recently, he worked at a biotech company in California focussing on the development of backend web services, predominantly in Python. 

While Nick’s role at Fathom overlaps with his previous experience, he loves the ‘tech for good’ context of his current work; helping deliver science-led flood and climate intelligence to help clients respond to and mitigate flood risk. On a day-to-day basis, Nick also enjoys Fathom’s agile environment and being able to work together with colleagues that share his passion for the company’s ethos and raison d’être. 

Outside of work, Nick can be found playing the guitar, climbing or undertaking multi-month thru-hiking adventures.  

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Key topics

  • Software development
  • Cloud infrastructure
  • API


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