GIS Developer

Sam Himsworth

As a GIS Developer in the Technical team, Sam’s role is rather varied. On a day-to-day basis, he can be found working with spatial data, coding to automate workflows, undertaking quality assurance of model outputs, and performing a myriad of other tasks.

He joined Fathom in 2021 after completing his degree in Geography with Applied GIS at the University of Exeter. Sam was drawn to Fathom by the opportunity to work alongside leading researchers in their fields, to spend his days working on projects that align with his favorite university modules, and to expand his programming skills. It’s during his learning that Sam developed an understanding of open-source GIS, remote sensing, and the ability to interpret complex spatial and numerical datasets – all of which he now applies to his work. 

Outside of work, Sam is a big music fan, has an interest in foreign languages and also enjoys playing sports – particularly football.

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Key topics

  • GIS
  • Geospatial data
  • Data validation


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