Izzy Probyn

Izzy works in Fathom’s Technical team as a Mathematician. Her role is varied, though mostly includes working on stochastic modeling. This involves lots of coding, and working with statistics to find correlation between different locations in historic data in order to create possible future events for up to 10,000 years of flooding globally.

Izzy is motivated by the explorative nature of her work, and the freedom she enjoys to investigate different methods to develop Fathom’s flood models. 

She joined the team at Fathom in 2021 after completing her degree in Mathematics from the University of Cambridge. This involved a focus on fluid mechanics, statistical modeling and optimisation techniques – all of which she now applies to her work. 

Izzy was first drawn to Fathom due to its close links between academia and real world application. She finds the research and models interesting and inspiring in their depth, range and ability to consider climate change and global flood mapping, and loves that she’s now contributing to their creation and evolution.

Outside of work, Izzy can be found hiking, singing in her choir and attending the theater.

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Key topics

  • Maths
  • Stochastic modeling
  • Statistics


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