Senior Software Developer

Malcolm Brine

Malcolm is a Senior Software Developer. His role is research-focused and involves finding ways to develop the models originally created at Fathom by using new approaches to add software features that can automate and streamline processes wherever possible. 

He brings strong C++ expertise to the role, which was honed while working in the VR and defence sectors on projects that included mapping simulations and the movement of vessels in real time. He also brings hydrodynamics knowledge which he gained during a six-year stint for a subsea developer in Dubai. On an academic front, Malcolm holds a Masters in Theoretical Physics from the University of Kent. 

Malcolm enjoys the scientific environment and challenges at Fathom, and finds it inspiring to be working somewhere he can learn and make a contribution to cutting-edge science. Generating calculations for a GPU (a high-performance computer) is a particularly rewarding challenge for Malcolm.

In his spare time, Malcolm enjoys getting out on his bike, getting fit at the gym and getting stuck into a good sci-fi book.

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Key topics

  • Simulation
  • Software engineering
  • C++
  • Hydrology


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