Finance Assistant

Barbara Magyari

Barbara is Fathom’s Finance Assistant, responsible for keeping the company’s accounts running smoothly. She oversees a variety of tasks, and can be found doing everything from creating and processing invoices, to checking contracts, to sorting everyone’s expenses. In short, Barabara is the go-to person for making sure payments are made. 

She joined Fathom in 2023 from a similar role with a busy food wholesaler, where she became well-versed in turning tasks around quickly thanks to working with products with a short shelf life. While her current role is more autonomous, Barabara loves to work efficiently and feels driven to do her best by the company culture of being an industry-leading organization. 

Outside of her role, Barbara keeps busy studying for further accountancy qualifications, and also works for an exam board helping run IELTS (International English Language Testing System) exams.

When she finds the time to relax, Barbara loves to keep fit and traveling. She particularly enjoyed a recent holiday to Thailand, her first time snorkeling at different locations. 

Key topics

  • Finance
  • Invoicing
  • Contracts


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