Chief Sales Officer & Head of ESG and Climate Risk

Karena Vaughan

At Fathom, Karena leads on ESG and climate risk in financial markets. She works with global organizations to enhance intelligence and mitigate the risks of the evolving impact of flooding on their assets, business and customers, helping them determine which products in Fathom’s portfolio are best suited to their needs. 

Based in the UK, Karena spends a good portion of her time on the road, primarily in the US attending key industry events, meeting with clients and developing new opportunities for Fathom’s flood hazard risk data. 

Additionally, Karena is also Chief Sales Officer, and has the crucial role of overseeing and directing Fathom’s sales operations, as well as managing the business development team.

Karena’s background lies in financial services and ESG, helping organizations make informed decisions about transitional risk to protect their investments as well as communities and the environment. She was drawn to Fathom by the opportunity to marry this expertise with the immediate and physical risk that is flooding. She also enjoys the problem solving aspect of her role; interpreting market trends and opportunities, working with clients to understand their problems, and identifying ways in which Fathom’s data can add value. 

Karena has an MBA in International Business from Ulster University and is a member of the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investment. 

Outside of work, Karena loves spending time outside – be that on the ground hiking or up in the air flying planes. 

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Key topics

  • Business development
  • Climate risk
  • ESG
  • Sustainable finance


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