Risk in climate investing

White paper 19.10.2023

In this report, IFI explores the impact of climate risk on investing before providing a structured approach to understanding and integrating these analytics within strategies going forwards

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Report: Risk in climate investing

New report

Risk in climate investing

Incorporating climate risk into the investment process is not one for the faint of heart, however, the effective integration of these analytics is becoming increasingly vital. In IFI Global’s newly released report, sponsored by Fathom, Simon Osborne highlights that climate risk will likely become one of the dominant subjects in fund management for decades to come.

Despite its paramount importance, the understanding around climate remains limited, with most tools designed to analyze its impact on supply chains, portfolios, and investments reserved for the most technically minded professionals.

With this in mind, this white paper offers a comprehensive guide to this complex landscape. It covers the core aspects of climate risk, including regulatory and litigation issues. Moreover, it delves into the proactive measures being taken to address these risks head-on.

As part of this, Fathom’s Head of ESG & Climate Risk, Karena Vaughan, examines limitations in climate data, as well as challenges in its adoption and accessibility across financial markets.

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