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The role of data – Key to understanding climate risk

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The role of data – Key to understanding climate risk

Climate risk has become an increasingly pressing concern in recent years, causing uncertainty for financial markets and insurance sectors worldwide. As the frequency and severity of extreme weather events continue to rise, so do the potential economic and social impacts of climate change.

Investors are progressively prioritizing informed decision making to mitigate potential losses, so integrating climate risk data into due diligence, portfolio screening and valuation processes has become imperative. This allows them to proactively identify, assess and address climate-related risks and opportunities, safeguarding their investments and enhancing long-term sustainability. 

With growing demand for climate risk data within the financial sector, organizations are highlighting a greater need for standardization around processes, validation, and comparison between methodologies to ensure consistency and quality assurance around data.

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Background to the report

In January 2024, Fathom brought together a panel of experts to discuss the pivotal role that data plays in understanding, quantifying, and managing climate risk. Our panel included speakers from Marsh, PWC, Downforce Technologies and ICE Data Services to provide a full range of insights into this topic.

This report examines some of the key talking points from the panelists, spanning from how data helps build effective mitigation strategies to the future trajectory of climate risk assessment and data innovation.

Download the white paper to learn more about:

  • The growing urgency of understanding and managing climate risks 
  • How data are enabling better decision-making and risk mitigation strategies
  • The growing demand for climate risk data within the financial sector
  • How are climate-related disclosures used in decision making?
  • How can we ensure that datasets are standardized?

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