Software Engineer

Rhianwen Davies

In the Software Development team, Rhianwen is responsible for creating our global catastrophe risk model. A Software Engineer, her role involves exploring how the science behind Fathom’s models can be translated into accessible information for clients. This involves both the underlying model, and also being able to dynamically respond to requests. 

Rhianwen is an expert in handling large data sets, high-priority bug fixing and developing new coding solutions. She loves being able to see the value she’s adding by championing code quality and sharing best practice. Other benefits to working at Fathom for Rhianwen include seeing how technology is being used to mitigate climate problems, the importance placed on academia and scientific advancement, and being able to work with a group of great colleagues. 

With an undergraduate degree in mathematics from the University of Exeter, Rhianwen specialized in pure math. This gave her experience in mathematical writing and research, which resulted in her being awarded a Mathematical Research Institute Prize in 2019. 

In her free time, Rhianwen likes hiking, traveling, dancing and curling up inside with a hot chocolate or a good cup of coffee.

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Key topics

  • Coding
  • Software development
  • Coding quality


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