Senior Developer

Dr Jannis Hoch

Dr Jannis Hoch is a Senior Developer at Fathom. With varied experience in academia and research, Jannis is a specialised computational hydrologist with a keen interest in reproducible workflows and FAIR data and code and a passion for understanding the implications of changes in the water cycle on society and nature.

Before joining Fathom, Jannis worked as a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Utrecht, where he also obtained his PhD in Hydrology in Prof Marc Bierkens‘ group. His research focused on coupling hydrological and hydraulic models which culminated in the development of GLOFRIM – a computational framework for integrated hydrological–hydrodynamic modelling.

In his position at Fathom, Jannis works across almost every area of our technical development, including working toward the development of a hydraulic model builder.

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