Network and Cyber Security Manager

Ali Talebi

In the IT team, Ali is the Network and Cyber Security Manager, responsible for maintaining the organization’s digital assets and safeguarding them from potential threats and vulnerabilities. His primary role involves proactively designing and implementing new processes to future-proof the company’s computer networks and data systems. Ali is passionate about cyber security, and is constantly vigilant in monitoring for suspicious activities, identifying potential breaches, and responding swiftly to mitigate risks. He stays up-to-date with the latest developments and utilizes cutting-edge tools to fortify the network. 

In addition to securing the infrastructure, Ali educates employees on best practices to foster a culture of awareness within the organization.

Ali has a Master’s Degree in Network and Information Security from Kingston University London, and has spent the past nine years working in the field of IT in small and midsize businesses and enterprise companies across numerous industries including internet service providers, education, banking and financial systems. He’s passionate about the industry and can often be found attending IT events, conferences and local meet-ups.

Key topics

  • Cyber security
  • Network
  • Linux


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