Awards and prizes 17.12.2020

UoB Water Group and Fathom receive WRR Editors’ Choice Award

Intro Their paper on MERIT Hydro, co-written with Dai Yamazaki, made major advances in our ability to represent river networks globally.

As 2020 draws to a close, Fathom are pleased to announce that University of Bristol Water Group researchers, and Fathom team members, Jeison Sosa and Paul Bates have been awarded a Water Resources Research (WRR) Editors’ Choice award for 2020.

This award was received as a result of their contribution to Dai Yamazaki’s paper on MERIT Hydro, a high‐resolution global map of river network developed by combining the latest global map of topography with the latest maps of water bodies. MERIT Hydro represents a major advance in our ability to represent river networks globally and is a data set that is anticipated to enhance a wide range of geoscience applications including flood risk assessment, aquatic carbon emissions, and climate modelling.

WRR is published by the American Geophysical Union and is the leading technical journal for scientists working in flood mapping. WRR awards are given to the top 1% of papers published each year and awards papers based on their quality, significance and originality.

We are delighted that Fathom research has been acknowledged in this way. In the new year, we look forward to continuing collaboration with the University of Bristol to produce industry-leading research contributing to the advancement of the flood modelling and hydrology field.

Fathom’s latest research

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New Research Paper

Ambitious partnership needed for reliable climate prediction

  • Slingo, J.,
  • Bates, P.,
  • Bauer, P.,
  • Belcher, S.,
  • Palmer, T.,
  • Stephens, G.,
  • Stevens, B.,
  • Stocker, T.,
  • Teutsch, G.

In this paper, researchers state that an improved climate model with higher detail and more precise information is needed urgently  to enable us to make reliable decisions around climate adaptation.

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Research Paper

Assessing flooding impact to riverine bridges: an integrated analysis

  • Pregnolato, M.,
  • Winter, A.,
  • Mascarenas, D.,
  • Sen, A.,
  • Bates, P.,
  • Motley, M.

This paper establishes new modelling approaches for the design and assessment of transportation and water systems with the aim to understand the consequences of flooding on urban networks.

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Research Paper

Increased population exposure to Amphan-scale cyclones under future climates

In 2020 Cyclone Amphan made landfall in the Bay of Bengal and was the first super tropical cyclonic storm to occur in the area in over 20 years. This paper explores what would happen if this event were to occur in the future, asking: would the risks associated with it change?

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Research Paper

A 30 m global map of elevation with forests and buildings removed

This work signifies one of the biggest step-changes in global flood modelling capabilities since the advent of the field.

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Research Paper

Inequitable patterns of US flood risk in the Anthropocene

Climate change will have major impact on cost of flooding, according to pioneering research led by Dr Oliver Wing, Chief Research Officer at Fathom

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Research Paper

Flood Inundation Prediction

This review surveys recent progress made to address fundamental issues surrounding globally consistent mapping of flood hazard in underdeveloped countries. This is achieved through a novel combination of appropriate physics, efficient numerical algorithms, high-performance computing, new sources of big data, and model automation frameworks.


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