Jacobs’ Flood Modeller platform expands its capabilities with Fathom’s flood data

Partnerships 30.05.2024

Users offered a view of flood risk for present day and future climate scenarios

Flood Modeller, Jacobs’ industry-leading software platform, has added data from water risk intelligence firm Fathom to its offering.

Building on almost 50 years of development, Flood Modeller is used by engineers, utilities, government agencies and consultants around the globe in need of a single environment to analyze their models, maps and real-time flood forecasting.

Thanks to an API integration, users – ranging from solo consultants to global teams – now have the option to add Fathom’s data to their projects, providing a seamless view of flood and climate risk. This covers both present day and future climate change scenarios for every return period and across all countries in the world, pulled from Fathom’s UK Flood Map, US Flood Map and Global Flood Map.

Global Flood Map – This award-winning flood map comprises the most comprehensive set of flood risk information in the world, offering 30 m resolution for even the most data-scarce regions.

US Flood Map – The most technically advanced flood map of the United States, this map is the only one to cover high-resolution inland and coastal flood data, all at 10 m resolution.

UK Flood Map – Built upon the latest hydraulic modeling techniques, this map offers a more recent view of flood risk to existing government data.

Dr. Richard Crowder, Head of Revenue and Strategy for Jacobs’ Water Platform, commented:

“Flood Modeller already provides access to a wide-range of third-party integrations, enabling direct access to global datasets and complementary products. By working with Fathom to integrate their award-winning flood map data directly within Flood Modeller’s GIS interface, it means our customers can make more-informed decisions based on enhanced analysis and intelligence.”

Gavin Lewis, Head of Engineering at Fathom, said:

“We’re proud to be working with Jacobs’ Flood Modeller team, providing their customers with the broadscale, consistent  flood mapping data and insights needed to rapidly identify the areas prone to flooding at present and under future climate change, in order to inform their decision-making for everything from site selection to funding and investment options.”

Fathom’s products are built upon over a decade of industry-leading research, openly published in world-leading scientific journals. This transparency is coupled with Fathom’s innovative approach to provide users with an unparalleled view of risk.

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