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Fathom data provide an invaluable source of information that can be used to mitigate against, or respond to, extreme events globally.
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There is a need to provide a measure of confidence in the reported impacts on the ground from flood events.
Our solution
Fathom’s model outputs assisted the rapid impact assessment team in confirming that the order of magnitude of the (direct) damage reported per province conforms with the order of magnitude reported by the model.
The results
More confidence in the rapid damage assessment results undertaken on the ground. Highlighted some discrepancies in provinces outside the study.
// Having data from Fathom provided the rapid assessment team confidence in the damage numbers being reported on the ground.

As the damage assessment on the ground is done in a very short timeframe, it is extremely useful to have the damage looked at from a different perspective. The outputs are from a global model; however, for understanding the order of magnitude it is extremely useful.

Normally running models are time consuming, however if available quickly and at a reasonable cost, this type of data is extremely useful; in the initial aftermath of the event it is important to get a feel for the scale of the impact and also during the assessment to have confidence in the numbers being reported on the ground. //
Keiko Saito /
Disaster Risk
Management Specialist