Report: “Property intelligence: Understanding and managing natural hazards”

Articles 30.03.2023

Fathom named a top company to watch for understanding and managing natural hazards

Fathom has been included as one of the top companies to watch for understanding and managing natural hazards in Instech’s latest Property Intelligence report.

Technology and data in insurance

Released on 30 March 2023, “Property intelligence – understanding and managing natural hazards” reviews the technology and data currently available to insurers.

The second report in the Property Intelligence series, it represents perspectives across the full insurance chain ranging from broker to MGA. The report aims to help insurers understand, manage and mitigate evolving natural catastrophe risk by sharing insight into the technology landscape. 

The report also reviews the techniques and tools available today to help insurers understand natural hazard risk for properties they are insuring. With the frequency and severity of natural catastrophes and other weather events on the rise, it is becoming more important than ever to understand the associated risk.


Rapidly analyze and price exposures across the world with Fathom’s insurance risk models.

Fathom’s product portfolio is covered in the report, with a particular focus on the applicability of our Global Flood Map and Climate Dynamics framework. Our Global Flood Map, which launched in 2022, allows users to assess flood risk for any year up to 2100, and for any plausible climate scenario or warming level. As insurers face mounting pressure to answer the emerging questions around climate risk asked by regulators and clients, to understand emerging risks associated with present-day and future flood risk, and to find new ways of underwriting and pricing, this technology offers a solution. 

Multiple Fathom partners are referenced in the report including Aon, Floodbase, Geosite, Oasis LMF and Reask, as well as quotes from Fathom customers AXA and VAVE. 

To read the report, download it for free from Instech

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