Understanding flood – from research to risk assessment

Video 21.03.2021

Matthew is joined on Podcast 130 by Fathom’s own Dr Andrew Smith and Dr Oliver Wing to discuss the creation of its US flood model and Fathom’s evolution from start-up to global leader.

Understanding flood – from research to risk assessment


Changes to the US government’s National Flood Insurance Programme have created opportunities for insurers to offer alternative solutions for protection against flood risk.

In this podcast share insights in to Fathom’s US flood model and how Fathom transitioned from a tech start-up to a global leader in flood risk. The podcast, which is half an hour long, touches on:

  • The impact of different types of flooding.
  • Making data consumable through technology platforms.
  • Tracking vulnerability as well as hazards.
  • The key focus areas for growing a business.
  • Why insurance technology is attracting interest from other sectors.

Relevant products

Fathom's US Flood Map

US Flood Map

The most complete and technologically advanced flood map for the United States

US Catastrophe Model

The first fully peer-reviewed and validated flood catastrophe model.

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