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The making of Fathom’s Climate Dynamics framework

Wednesday November 16, 2022

For the second webinar in our Fathom-Global 3.0 launch series, we present: The making of Fathom’s Climate Dynamics framework

Climate Dynamics is a major innovation in flood modelling, it allows users to access climate conditioned flood maps for any projected combination of future year and climate scenario up to 2100.

Climate Dynamics Framework - webinar on demand

Fathom’s team of scientists will present, in detail, this groundbreaking new framework. We will explain the motivation behind our work in climate change modelling and the development of Climate Dynamics: The science, research and methodology underpinning it, and how it varies for each peril.

This webinar is for risk, ESG and sustainability professionals, catastrophe modellers, coastal and floodplain leaders and engineers. The team will cover use cases across (re)insurance, capital markets, corporate risk, civil engineering and international development.

Key advances for the Climate Dynamics framework


Flexible range of time periods

2011 to 2100


Flexible range of scenarios / deltaTs

1°C – 5°C compared to pre-industrial



Global consistent coverage

1 arcsecond (~30m)


Tailored approach by peril

Pluvial, fluvial, coastal


Climate model uncertainty

17th, 50th and 83rd percentiles


Validation and assurance

Open, peer reviewed methods

Learn more about Fathom’s newest Global Flood Map.

Watch the Global-3.0 launch on-demand

Fathom launches the latest Global Flood Map, Fathom-Global 3.0. For insurers, engineers, asset managers and investors, Fathom-Global 3.0 revolutionises how risk professionals can understand and integrate flood hazard and climate change data into their operations.

In this launch webinar, we present our latest flood and climate modelling methodologies, what makes them unique and how they will make a difference to your understanding of global flood risk.

Watch on-demand.

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