Company updates 03.10.2017

World-leading flood risk scientists SSBN rebrand as Fathom

●      SSBN rebrand to Fathom reflecting their expertise in flood water

●      NASA recently used Fathom’s flood risk data for Hurricane Harvey

●      Fathom’s data models are used worldwide to mitigate against and predict flood risk as well as providing disaster response support

SSBN, the world-leading flood risk analysts, have rebranded to become Fathom. Named for the American measurement of water, the rebranding highlights the company’s expert position in the understanding of international flood risk.

Fathom provide analytics from the scientific forefront of flood research, based on critically tested methods that have been refined through peer review over the past decade. The Bristol-based company formed out of a world-leading University of Bristol research department, and have clients including the World Bank on their impressive roster and collaborate with Google and Facebook.

Fathom’s products and expertise are targeted to help insurers, engineers, resource developers, and the aid sector. Their flood risk data was published by NASA during Hurricane Harvey to support disaster response activities. Hurricane Harvey caused one of the worst floods in the United States of America when over a metre of rainfall fell in Houston – a so-called black swan event. Responding to the rapid growth of Harvey, the team worked round the clock to supply real-time data for disaster organisations. Last year, Fathom supported the World Bank’s Rapid Flood Damage and Needs Assessment in Vietnam.

Professor Paul Bates, Fathom’s Chairman, said:

“Our new brand reflects where we want to be in our market. We are ambitious, and develop class-leading flood risk software that not only meets with our customers’ needs but also drives innovation in tech and science. As a tech company, our brand is really important to us, and also to our clients who include NASA, the World Bank and major insurers. Fathom has strong brand values that reflect our passion for the best scientific data and how this positively impacts on the environment and societies.”

The rebranding comes as part of Fathom’s ambitions to become the global resource for flood-risk data and modelling, working with leading tech companies and pushing boundaries in science. Providing much more than just consultancy, their tools and data deliver an invaluable source of information, which is used worldwide to mitigate against and respond to extreme events.

Collaborating with a varied client base ranging from insurers looking to analyse their risk across large territories, to NGOs and governments wanting to assess flood risk on both a local and national scale, Fathom’s goal is to make their tools as accessible as possible, allowing their data to be applied to a wide range of users.

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