Fathom Receives Investment From Moody’s

Company updates 09.09.2021

The investment is recognition of the huge and growing impact that flooding and climate change has on the global financial landscape

Update: Swiss Re acquires Fathom

Swiss Re announced today (December 14, 2023) that it has acquired Fathom, a leading provider of water risk intelligence and flood models, based in Bristol, UK. Following this, Moody’s is no longer a Fathom shareholder. 

Fathom is excited to announce that we have received a minority investment from global integrated risk assessment firm Moody’s Corporation. The investment, which will see Moody’s take a seat on Fathom’s Board of Directors, aims to develop Moody’s already complex climate considerations  – as part of its commitment to help organisations make informed decisions on risk.

The investment is recognition of the huge, and growing, impact that flooding and climate change has on the global financial landscape as well as governmental decisions. Fathom’s unique data sets will power insights to inform ESG (environmental, social and governance) policy and help mitigate the potentially devastating socio-economic impact that flooding can have.

“National and regional economies, insurers and financial services all need flood mapping data they can rely on, as the impact of flooding can have extremely serious physical, financial and environmental consequences today, that will further be exacerbated by climate change and urbanisation. We’re delighted that the team at Moody’s has recognised this and understands the potential of our growing business.” – Dr Christopher Sampson, Fathom Co-founder

“Moody’s investment in Fathom is further testament to the quality of Fathom’s underlying technology and data and will enable us to accelerate our plans to become the world’s leading provider of water risk intelligence.” – Stuart Whitfield, Fathom CEO

How will this affect Fathom?

Fathom’s core mission and values will remain the same. Most importantly, we will continue to collaborate with partners, retain transparency in the data that we produce,  be led by the research and remain accessible to the academic community to empower their own research objectives. When working with the Fathom team, you will continue to work with those who are passionate about providing world-leading water risk intelligence (and perhaps a few new recruits).

Fathom will continue to operate as an independent entity. Significantly, the investment will mean that we can increase our capabilities and grow at an accelerated pace.

What will this mean for Fathom’s partners and customers?

Fathom’s existing customers and partners will benefit from this investment. Our roadmap and the pace at which it can be delivered will accelerate, creating further industry-leading insights for our customers and partners.

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Swiss Re acquires Fathom