Partnerships 15.01.2020

Fathom collaboration opens US flood data to the public


UK-based flood risk modeller Fathom has announced its participation in a US partnership that will open flood mapping and coastal risk data analysis to the public.

Fathom joined US Non-Profit organisation First Street Foundation to produce a comprehensive flood and coastal risk analysis of the US.

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The data will be used to offer access to a risk model that predicts the probability of flooding for homes across the country, giving the public a look at the data institutional investors use to gauge risk.

Fathom are the only UK organisation to be involved in the project, working alongside academic institutions including; Massachusetts Institute of Technology, John Hopkins University and the University of Pennsylvania.

“Fathom is extremely proud to partner with the First Street Foundation and some of the leading global academic institutions on the Flood Lab initiative, and to be the sole representative from the UK,” said Dr Andrew Smith, Chief Operating Officer at Fathom.

“We have provided First Street with the most comprehensive flood mapping and coastal risk data analysis ever undertaken for the US, which will look to inform academics, big business, government and most importantly the US public.

“Our world-leading data gives a complete and detailed understanding of flood risk across the whole of the US and has played an integral role in this project. This data will be used to dictate and shape the understanding of US flood risk at a scale never before seen.

“By making this information publicly available we are also able to offer invaluable data to those who will be most and worst affected by the devastating consequences of flooding.”

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