Fathom and CIWEM announce partnership

Partnerships 15.06.2022
  • Watson, A.,
  • Clarke, R.

We are delighted to announce our partnership with The Chartered Institute of Water and Environmental Management (CIWEM).

Fathom’s new partnership with CIWEM enables us to share our academic and industry-based knowledge of water and climate risk with water and environmental professionals across the globe.

CIWEM is a UK-based royal chartered professional body which was formed in 1987. Home to a large community of members in over 89 countries, the independent charity is dedicated to the sustainable management of the environment on a global scale. 

Alongside professional membership, CIWEM holds awards programs, publishes internationally-recognised journals such as the Water and Environment Journal and the Journal of Flood Risk Management, and runs events and training courses. 

“We are proud to announce this partnership with Fathom and look forward to working with them to develop professional development resources that incorporate Fathom’s cutting edge technology and industry leadership. The aim of the CIWEM Business Partnership programme is to partner with organisations to further professional development and build a community of water and environmental professionals dedicated to working towards the public benefit, and this partnership represents our joint commitment to that aim.” – Darren Eckford, Head of Learning and Development Services of CIWEM

CIWEM’s mission is to “build a global community of water and environmental professionals dedicated to working for the public benefit”. Grounded on principles of high professional standards, impartiality and scientific evidence, CIWEM aligns closely with Fathom’s values of academic integrity. 

Through connecting our flood risk expertise with CIWEM’s membership program we are co-developing educational resources, including a CPD accredited course, for Water Environment professionals to enhance their skills and further their careers.  

Partnering with CIWEM is a natural choice for Fathom. Both organisations are guided by science, the promotion of best practice and knowledge sharing needed to tackle the growing challenges posed by flood risk across the globe. This partnership should enable Fathom to continue to share our cutting edge research with the practitioners who are helping to build resilience against flooding into the future.” –  Ruth Clarke, Engineering Business Development Manager at Fathom.

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