#CATRisk22: Boutique climate models for a future of uncertain risk

Video 29.06.2022

This panel explores climate conditioned catastrophe models and their use within insurance

Boutique Climate Modelling for a future of uncertain risk


Last week, Fathom sponsored the 2022 CAT Risk Management and Modelling Summit in London.

As part of its sponsorship, Fathom curated a panel discussion with industry experts to explore how climate-conditioned models are developed and how they can be useful to the insurance industry.

Hosted by Emma Watkins, Head of Exposure Management and Aggregation at Lloyd’s, and also joined by panellists Andrew Smith, Chief Operations Officer at Fathom, Richard Dixon, Head of Catastrophe Research at Inigo, and Chris Ewing Head Of Client Management at Aon Impact Forecasting.

Key topics discussed:

  • What are climate-conditioned catastrophe models and how do they differ from traditional models?
  • In what way are climate-conditioned catastrophe models altering the way that insurers assess risk for flood and other perils?
  • How are scientific research and climate data being used to derive multiple views of future risk? I.e. the difference between modelling 2030 and 2050.
  • Where can these models be useful? I.e. meeting regulatory requirements such as CBES.

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