Dr Oliver Wing joins the Metcalf Institute Annual Public Lecture Series

Video 13.06.2022

Fathom’s Chief Research Officer, Dr Oliver Wing presents at the Metcalf Institute as part of its 2022 Annual Public Lecture Series

Mind the gap: Accounting for Present and Future Flood Risk


Mind the Gaps: Accounting for Present and Future Flood Risk

On Monday 13th June, Dr Oliver Wing joined the MetCalf Institute to give a virtual lecture.

In this talk, Oliver explored ways to fill in the gaps of unmapped US flood risk with new technology, examining future flood risk projections, rising financial costs, and the urgency for adaptation policies.

Building upon Dr Wing’s research paper published earlier this year, “Inequitable patterns of US flood risk in the Anthropocene“, he also outlined the disproportionate economic burden faced by historically marginalised communities as a consequence of increasing flood risk. 

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New Research paper

Inequitable patterns of US flood risk in the Anthropocene

Climate change will have major impact on cost of flooding, according to pioneering research led by Dr Oliver Wing, Chief Research Officer at Fathom


Other speakers include: Dr Marccus Hendricks, Dr Lacy Johnson, Laura Lightbody, Dr Katharine Mach, Xavier Cortada, and Gabriel Ferrer

All lectures from the series are free to register, and will be streaming throughout the week. You can register for future sessions here.