Welcoming Dr Arran Schlosberg to the team

Company updates 29.03.2022
  • Watson, A.,
  • Schlosberg, A.

We are pleased to announce that Dr Arran Schlosberg has joined our team as Principal Engineer.

We are pleased to announce that Dr Arran Schlosberg has joined our team as Principal Engineer. In this role Arran joins our Technical team and leads software development for our flood data and models.

Arran previously worked as a Senior Developer at Google, where he worked on the geo software code for Google’s COVID-19 Community Mobility Reports. These reports gathered anonymous insights to chart trends in movement over time by geography and place to help combat COVID-19.

Software engineering at Google is very much a team effort, with thousands of people contributing to an enormous code base. Keeping this code healthy requires strict discipline and specific knowledge around best practices. Beyond my regular projects, one of my responsibilities was training new engineers in these practices, and I hope to share this knowledge with the team at Fathom.

In addition to this, Arran has patented a geospatial algorithm for Google which is outlined in a research document titled “Quantitative analysis of physical risk due to geospatial proximity of network infrastructure”. 

Arran’s research experience also includes co-authorship of research papers on medicine, bioinformatics, machine learning, health informatics, and network risk. 

We are delighted to welcome Dr Arran Schlosberg to our ever-growing team and look forward to seeing what he will achieve at Fathom.

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