Partnerships 08.11.2021

Global Resilience Index Initiative Launched at COP26


Today, Fathom co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Jeff Neal will speak on a panel at the COP26 Resilience Hub in support of the Global Resilience Index Initiative (GRII).

Formally announced today, the multi-partner task force will provide a globally consistent model for the assessment of resilience across all sectors and geographies. It will be a curated, open-source resource offering high-level metrics across the built environment, infrastructure, agriculture and societal exposures with many potential applications in aggregated risk management worldwide.  

This collaborative body aims to solve the data emergency faced by leaders globally, and in turn, support them in their efforts to overcome the climate crisis. By making quality data more accessible and easily available, institutions and decision-makers will be able to quantify the value of building resilience and the economic risk that may arise from a lack of action.

Working alongside partners, Fathom is proud to be a part of this innovative initiative drawing upon the experience of cross-sector modelling experience through collaboration with governments, academia, insurance and engineering. GRII partners and supporters include:

Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure (CDRI)
Coalition for Climate Resilient Investment

GEM Foundation

Insurance Development Forum
UK Centre for Greening Finance and Investment
Oasis Loss Modelling Framework

United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction 
University of Oxford


For more information on the GRII click here.

Following this announcement partners will join a panel later today to discuss the importance of this initiative. This panel event featuring subject experts from across the public and private sectors will describe the state of the art and future of public and private sector physical climate risk modelling and data, including practical examples of how open data sources and models are being, or can be, used to improve climate risk and resilience.


11.30: Global Resilience Index Initiative launch

12:30: State of the art in public-private data and models for global physical climate resilience.

Moderated by Matt Foote

Panellists include Christophe Christiaen, Emma Raven, Jim Hall, Marc Lehmann, Jeff Neal, James Lay

12:40: IDF Global Risk Modelling Alliance Global Standards Framework proposal SE Asia Flood

Moderated by Matt Foote

Panellists include Nick Moody, James Lay, Nalan Cabi

13:10: The value and impact of open data and model sources for increasing resilience to physical climate risk

Moderated by Matt Foote

Panellists include Nicola Ranger, Ruwadzano Matsika, Antoine Bavandi, John Schneider, Nick Moody

Watch the panels live, or register to watch the session on-demand.

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