Fathom’s research at EGU24

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On April 14, 2024 a contingent of Fathomers once again descended upon Vienna, Austria, to attend the annual EGU (European Geosciences Union) General Assembly. 

The event brings together scientists from all around the globe, for five days of talks, presentations and posters into all aspects of Earth, planetary and space scientists. 

Research is one of Fathom’s key pillars. By publishing our research in leading academic journals we expose our methodologies to independent peer review, while also adding our research to the existing work in the field of hydrology to help better characterize and reduce uncertainties. Only with transparency can cross-platform validation and scientific advancement be achieved.

The team had a number of presentations and posters at the event, though also attended to meet with other scientists and learn more about industry-leading work being completed by other experts in the field.

Fathom speakers
Jorge Sebastian Moraga Senior Climate Scientist Visit company profile
Jannis Hoch Senior Hydrologist Visit company profile
Natalie Lord Senior Climate Scientist Visit company profile
Dr Oliver Wing, Chief Research Officer, Fathom
Oliver Wing Chief Research Officer Visit company profile
Niall Quinn Chief Scientific Officer Visit company profile
Prof Paul Bates CBE FRS - Fathom Chairman
Paul Bates Chairman Visit company profile
Nans Addor Principal Hydrologist Visit company profile
Conor Lamb Catastrophe Model Developer Visit company profile

Fathom’s presentations and posters at EGU24

Bias correction of SMILEs: A bulk approach to preserve internal variability

Poster presented by Dr Jorge Sebastian Moraga
April 15 – Monday 10:45–12:30 (CEST) Hall X4 | X4.28

A bottom-up regionalization approach for extreme rainfall events

Poster presented by Dr Jannis Hoch
April 17 – Wednesday, 10:45–12:30 (CEST) Hall A | A.46

Influence of ENSO on extreme precipitation and peak river flow in the US 

Poster presented by Dr Natalie Lord
April 17, Wednesday, 10:45–12:30 (CEST) Hall A | A.18
Identified by EGU as one of their highlight events

Application of novel generative diffusion models to precipitation downscaling 

Poster presented by Alex Saoulis
April 18 – Thursday, 10:45–12:30 (CEST) Hall X5 | X5.131

A global stochastic flood risk model for any climate scenario 

Oral led by Dr Oliver Wing
April 18 – Thursday, 11:30–11:40 (CEST) Room 1.14
Identified by EGU as one of their highlight events

A vulnerability framework for a global flood catastrophe model 

Poster presented by Conor Lamb
April 18 – Thursday, 16:15–18:00 (CEST) Hall X4 | X4.68

Modeling inland flooding caused by tropical cyclones in the US using AI-based synthetic events 

Poster presented by Dr Nans Addor
April 18 – Thursday, 16:15–18:00 (CEST) Hall X4 | X4.72

Tropical cyclone induced coastal flooding under current and future climates: A novel model framework for continental scale applications

Poster presented by Dr Niall Quinn
April 18 – Thursday, 16:15-18:00 (CEST) Hall X4 | X4.7

How far can we go in global flood inundation modelling? 

John Dalton Medal Lecture by Paul D. Bates
April 18 – Thursday, 19:00–20:00 (CEST) Room B

Large-sample hydrology: characterising and understanding hydrological diversity and catchment organisation 

Presentation convened by Dr Nans Addor
April 19 – Friday 10:45–12:30 (CEST), 16:15–18:00 (CEST) PICO spot A


Supporting presentations and posters

A further 13 additional talks and posters presenting research co-authored by Fathomers can also be found on the agenda, including those led by friends of Fathom, such as: 

the Fathom team at EGU23 in front of the welcome sign

Fathom’s presence at EGU 2023

A number of Fathomers journeyed to Vienna in 2023 for EGU; some to present their work and others simply to absorb. Learn more about the presentations at last year’s event.

Fathom continues to research and publish findings in peer-reviewed journals