Climate change regulation and measurement report

Video 24.02.2022

In this report by InsTech, experts review the current state of climate change regulation and measurement within Insurance.

Climate change regulation and measurement report


In this webinar, Fathom’s Chief Research Officer, Dr Oliver Wing, joins InsTech London to discuss the findings of their recent Climate Change Regulation and Measurement report, published 24th February.

In this interesting discussion hosted by Matthew Grant, panelists explore the impact that the regulation and measurement of climate change across the insurance value chain.

This CII accredited webinar has been set up in support of InsTech’s recent report on this topic, which outlines the top 22 companies supporting insurers measure their impact and exposure. More on this below.

Panelists include:

Rachel Delhaise, Head of Sustainability, Convex

Dr Oliver Wing, Chief Research Officer, Fathom

Thomas Loridan, CEO and Co-founder, Reask

Ali Smedley, Research Analyst, InsTech

About the report

Fathom have featured in a recent report published by InsTech named ‘Climate change risk regulation and measurement: 22 companies to know‘. Having surveyed a selection of leading UK insurers, the report investigates the current regulatory landscape for insurers, the challenges associated with new regulation and identifies the various companies available offering solutions to support climate risk reduction.

This report aims to highlight the current state of climate change measurement and regulation; the current providers of models, where there are measurement challenges, the opportunities for new tools, and what is to be expected in the future in regards to regulation and standardisation.

Key findings:

  • Out of 16 companies surveyed Flood and Tropical Storms were the top two focus perils of climate scenario modellers.
  • There are a broad range of climate-related risks and opportunities facing the insurance industry. Opportunities include the availability of new insurance products and investment in mitigation and resilience.
  • Increasing pressure is building on insurers to address climate change risk from a diverse range of stakeholders. Insurance companies must address climate-related risks to follow regulations, reduce risk, and reach net zero emissions targets.

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