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Engineering use cases for Fathom’s Global Flood Map

Thursday January 19 2023


On October 27th 2022 we announced Fathom’s new Global Flood Map– The first global flood map to provide risk professionals with all perils and climate options. The launch was followed in November by a second webinar: The making of Fathom’s Climate Dynamics framework. Recordings of both webinars are available to watch via these links.

Now, we invite you to join us for a deep dive into the use cases this new Global Flood Map addresses for engineering professionals.

The webinar features presenters from across the Fathom team including:

  • Dr Andrew Smith, Co-founder & COO
  • Dr Matthew Jones, Chief Product Officer
  • Gavin Lewis, Head of Engineering

This webinar is for engineering risk, ESG and sustainability professionals, coastal and floodplain leaders. You will learn:

  • How to assess flood risk for assets, property and communities.
  • The latest developments in flood risk modeling.
  • The impact of climate scenarios on future risk.


Learn more: Discover engineering use cases for our Global Flood Map by reading our latest white paper

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