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American Geophysical Union 2022

Monday 12 December

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This week, Fathom’s own Professor Paul Bates joins academics from across the world in Chicago, where he will attend the annual American Geophysical Union conference.

The conference, brings over 25,000 researchers, scientists, teachers and policymakers together each year, with an aim to better understand the environment, and our role in preserving its future. With presentations from a range of specialists in the area, the event is rooted in advancing positive individual and collective outcomes.

As part of this, Paul will present finding from an upcoming paper exploring the methodologies that underpin Fathom’s UK Flood Map.

The session entitled “Advancing Flood Characterization, Modeling, and Communication” will take place on 13 December at 5.05pm EST (10pm GMT).

Prof Paul Bates CBE FRS - Fathom Chairman
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An overview of “Advancing Flood Characterization, Modeling, and Communication” at #AGU2022