Questions to ask your flood modelers

Thursday 20 April, 4pm GMT

In an ever-advancing technological environment, it can sometimes be difficult to know what model features are essential and what is just noise. Regulatory and customer demand continue to ask insurance professionals to understand what drives their data outputs. 

Following our sponsorship at the 10th annual CAT Risk Management and Modelling Summit, we are hosting a webinar to support insurers across all disciplines better understand how the flood models they are using actually work, how they influence your view of risk and what you can do to get better visibility.

This webinar will provide a toolkit of questions that you can use to critically evaluate flood models, including key misconceptions and qualities to keep an eye out for.

Presented by Fathom’s team of scientists, this session will be an informal panel featuring Dr Chris Sampson, Dr Andrew Smith and Dr Oliver Wing. Key topics will include: 

  • Key misconceptions in flood modelling
  • The different components that can impact a model’s result
  • What to look out for in the responses that you get back

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