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Questions to ask your flood modelers

Thursday 20 April, 4pm GMT


In an increasingly complex and crowded market for physical risk and climate data buyers, it can be difficult to know which model features are essential and which are marketing noise. Regulatory and customer demand increasingly calls on risk and catastrophe professionals to know what is behind the outputs of the models, and model vendors, they use.

Following our sponsorship at the 10th annual CAT Risk Management and Modeling Summit in London last month, we hosted webinar panel to support professionals who use flood models across all industries to better understand how those models actually work, how they influence the view of risk and what you can do to get better visibility.

This webinar will provide a toolkit of questions that you can use to critically evaluate flood models and vendors, including key misconceptions and qualities to keep an eye out for. Download the handy checklist below. 

Presented by Fathom’s team of scientists, this session will be an informal panel covering topics including:

  • Key misconceptions in flood modeling
  • The different components that can impact a model’s result
  • What to look out for in the responses that you get back
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DownloadQuestions to ask your flood modelers download

To help you to cut through the noise surrounding flood models, we have put together a simple list of questions. Download the paper to learn more.

  • Cut through the noise surrounding flood and climate risk data.
  • Understand the common misconceptions and pitfalls to keep an eye out for.
  • Critically evaluate the data and methods underlying any flood hazard model.