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Product briefing: Metadata — Fathom’s first-of-its-kind assessment of flood risk data certainty

Thursday 7 March 2024, 16:00 GMT


Interested in learning how Metadata is key in unlocking a more detailed understanding of the flood risk data that you are using? Join us for our latest product briefing where we will outline how you can increase data confidence and maximize your decision-making capabilities with Metadata.

Metadata is Fathom’s first-of-its-kind assessment of certainty, for any given location. It empowers you to better understand how influencing factors — such as terrain, climate or defense data — may impact the certainty of flood risk. Provided as an additional set of information within our terrain data and flood maps, giving users an extra dimension to flood risk assessment. 

In this 20-minute product briefing, our Chief Product Officer covered:

— What is Metadata?

— Why has Fathom developed this additional set of information?

— How can I make the most of this information to enhance my decision-making abilities? 

This session will be recorded and available on demand. If you are unable to attend the live event but would like to be notified of its availability, please register for the event to receive email updates.

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Learn more about where Metadata sits within Fathom’s wider Product Stack by exploring our animated Product Stack explainer