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Jacobs Flood Modeller 2023

Wednesday 19 April

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Flood Modeller 2023 is an annual conference hosted by the team at Jacobs. With a focus on their platform, Flood Modeller, the two-day event brings together potential and existing customers to discover new developments in their technology and to attend presentations from industry leaders.

The first day of the event included sessions from key industry leaders, such as Louise Cooke, Deputy Director of Evidence and Risk at the Environment Agency, with a focus on Jacob’s use cases and recent innovation. Included in this is the launch of their next generation of software Flood Modeller 7.0.

On day two, the event explored topics around flood hydrology, flood forecasting, data sources, automation and efficiencies. To support the event and our ongoing partnership with Jacobs, Fathom’s Head of Engineering Gavin Lewis presented.

His session titled; “Flood hazard mapping for current and future climate scenarios” explored the integration of Fathom’s flood hazard information within the platform; as well as details our maps value in supporting engineers to represent, understand and plan for future risk within their processes. Get in touch with Gavin to learn more.

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