Modelling floodplain flows using a two-dimensional finite element model

Hydraullic modelling 01.09.1992
  • Anderson, M.,
  • Baird, L.,
  • Walling, D.,
  • Simm, D.

Professor Paul Bates’ first published paper describing a 2D computer model of an 11 km stretch of river in the UK.

A prototype two-dimensional finite element flow model for depth-averaged free surface flows was developed for floodplain environments.

Limited refinement of the model’s physical representation was undertaken and the enhanced scheme applied to an 11 km river channel/floodplain reach in the U.K. Preliminary model results indicate that this modelling approach can be used to identify dynamic variations in the flow field parameters over length scales of the order of 10-100 m. Potentially, such data have the ability to permit detailed analysis of short-term floodplain sedimentary dynamics.

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